Ginger Collins
Ginger Collins
founder / Owner

"Hello, I'm Ginger. I have worked in property management for over 30 years. You might say I grew up in the apartment industry.  My first position was RENTING APARTMENTS, which is still the foundation of the multifamily business today."

After starting as a leasing agent, I moved into management and in the mid 90’s became a Regional Area Director for one of the nation’s largest privately held apartment companies. In the role of Vice President, I helped the company grow their third party managed units by 58% and increased NOI 16% on a 10,000 unit portfolio.

My insight comes from working with both private and institutional clients giving me a unique perspective on listening to the customer’s expectations in order to deliver results. Property owners all want to make a profit, but each client has unique objectives and therefore the approach to increasing the value of each asset is derived with slightly different strategies.

By looking at the little things and analyzing everything, I create a plan that maximizes profits and growth for the company, the asset and/or the project. As a consultant, I can provide training, due diligence assistance, asset management services, business plans and management strategies for improving operating procedures. I am passionate about property management and contributing to making each company, property or person their best. I love what I do ! I teach, not just so I can share what I know, but so I can continue to learn, grow and add value in this industry of opportunity!

I look forward to serving you in achieving your goals!

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